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Gender Equality Plan


Guidelines, policies & Procedures

Policy Name Gender Equality Plan
Approved by Board of Governors/Trustees
Date of Original Approval 3rd January 2022
Date of Revision NA
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  1. The Initiative is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality, diversity in its all activities, policies and practices. Our aim is to develop a workplace culture based upon the values of dignity, courtesy and respect and free from all discriminations including gender, race, ethic and religion. The Initiative recognizes the rights of every person to be treated according to these values.
  2. The Initiative as an organization acknowledges the rights of all employees and not to be discriminated against or treated less favorably on gender basis. Discrimination, harassment or victimization of any person on basis of their gender is against the constitution and law of the Pakistan also.



Definition: For the purpose of this policy, a person shall mean and include any individual employed in the organization, providing services, consulters, participating in any trial, study or survey and any other individual who is involved in any activity of The Initiative in any capacity.


The Initiative have the commitment and support from its board of governors/trustees with regards to setting and achieving the outlined goals. The purpose of the diversity policy is to promote inclusivity and prevent discrimination and (unconscious) bias. To achieve this The Initiative will focus on awareness, visibility and strengthening of diversity and inclusivity so that employees and other persons, regardless of origin, ethnicity, gender identity, cultural background, sexual identity and functional impairment feel at home and have equal opportunities.


As part of equality agenda, The Initiative aims to;

Provide a work environment which is inclusive and promote dignity, respect and courtesy.

  • Eradicate gender-based discrimination and harassment by ensuring that all members of organization have the skills to recognize and contest such behaviors and that effective procedures are used to deal fairly with any case if it occurs.
  • Ensure that support resources meet the needs of all persons and easily accessible for every person.
  • Create an inclusive learning, training and research environment that curtails barriers and complications in implementation of gender equality plan.
  • Assess the equality impact of present and proposed initiatives, opportunities, polices, practices and procedures.


The Initiative has constituted a Diversity Board comprising representatives from executive management, employees and relevant organizational units such as HRM working on diversity and inclusivity issues. The board monitors diversity policy and goals and provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the executive board.

Office management as confidential counsellor is already available to support employees in case of undesirable behavior or situation. It will be investigated whether and, if so, how the existing safety nets of confidential advisers should be improved.

The Initiative has in place various leave schemes to support employees where necessary, these covers leave due to personal circumstances, care leave, emergency leave and/or parental leave.


The Initiative annually collect and monitor sex/gender disaggregated data across all personal roles. In the relevant policy period, measurable objectives and indicators will be developed to analyze these data. Data will be included in the public annual report of The Initiative.

Every two years an institute-wide monitor is performed which provides all personnel with opportunity to give their views on working environment, work load and social climate. Topic specific monitors are set up when needed.


Training programs are in place or being developed for specific target groups, HR experts and confidential counsellors, management, supervisors, researchers and recruitment board members.

These includes:

  • Leadership programs to promote awareness on diversity and inclusivity.
  • Recognizing unconscious bias in hiring process.
  • Team dynamics, implicit bias and fostering a secure working environment.
  • Setting up and performing inclusive research projects.


Our Gender Equality Plan can be downloaded here in pdf.