Faiza Rahman Syed

Associate director/Education Consultant

An educational consultant with 10 years’ experience in teaching and volunteering at non-profit and private educational institutions with a focus on improving the institutional structures, curricula, educational leadership and strategy of the relevant institutions. Under the Australian Awards scholarship, recently worked on research and analysis of the issues and concerns within the education sector in Pakistan.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Institutional and curriculum development for the various educational institutions to enhance student and teacher efficiency as well as improving academic achievements/results of the school.
  • Teachers training on lesson plan, communication skills, classroom management, problem solving and sustainable curriculum development and implementation.
  • Managing and guiding human resource practices of the schools for professional and personal development of the teachers, improving educational leadership of the management, and maintaining a professional school environment conducive to learning.
  • School leadership and educational policy as a part of the recent post-graduate programme at the University of Melbourne. Participated and worked on various projects and assignments that focused on student wellbeing; inter-personal processes; human resource management and development; educational leadership and change management at institutional level.
  • Research, report writing and content development.
  • Graphic designing and copy writing.