STOP survey (Studying Tobacco users Of Pakistan (STOP): repeated cross-sectional and longitudinal survey)

STOP aims to provide in-depth information on the key variables on tobacco use and quitting behaviours that can inform a set of key policy priorities in Pakistan.

This survey will be conducted in the 10 most populous cities of Pakistan with a target population of 40,956,323 smokers

Project Goals and Objectives:
In Pakistan, 19.1% of adults consume tobacco causing around 160,000 deaths/year. The STOP survey has a long-term aim to provide objective, regular and timely information on tobacco users of Pakistan to help key policy decisions. Its specific objectives for 2019/2020 are to assess the:

  1. Proportion of cigarette smokers who use illicit
  2. Nicotine dependence and motivation to quit among
  3. Triggers to, the methods used in, and the success of quit
  4. Attitude of smokers towards tobacco control policies and cessation aides (including the willingness to pay) e.g. counselling, medication, e-cigarettes.

In the long run, the study will also observe and report on the changes in these variables over time. We will do so by conducting repeated surveys and by following up a cohort of survey participants.